API Change Log

We constantly expand our API with new endpoints and extensions of existing endpoints. Use this log to stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

DateAreaDescriptionEndpointType of changeComments
2016-12-14QAReadabilityReadability is now available in the API, as 29 new endpoints here:
New endpointsNew functionality
2016-11-08ContentDifferentiated error messages/sites/{site_id}/content/crawl (POST)NeutralMore specific error messages
2016-10-18ContentExtra property on check/crawl messages/content/crawl
Extra propertyHave an integer, rather than a text message (which is still present), to check against - to determine the outcome of a request.
2016-10-18Page-info Consistent info for page sizeThe size of a page was reported in two different ways; as bytes only or as an object with both bytes, kilobytes, and megabytes. This has been streamlined to consistently be just bytes everywhere with property-name "size_bytes". The affected endpoints are:
Breaking changeData consistency
2016-10-18GeneralMissing info in documentationAll responses include a link to self. For a number of responses (those not returning a paged list of items) this information was omitted from the API documentation:
/sites/{site_id}/content/check/page (GET, POST, 202, 400)
/sites/{site_id}/content/check/page/{page_id} (GET, POST, 202, 400)
/sites/{site_id}/content/crawl (GET, POST, 202, 400)
Added documentation Added optional "url" parameter, to filter the pages returned.
2016-10-18GeneralNew ping endpoints/ping/api (does not require authentication)
/ping/account (requires authentication)
New endpointsCheck if the api server is alive (/ping/api)
Check if your account is working (/ping/account)
2016-10-18AccessibilityChanged propertyThe id property of the accessibility issue type has been changed from long to int to ensure consistency with linked pages.
Breaking changeData consistency
2016-10-18QAResponse changed The three properties Checking, Paused and CheckAllowed has been removed because they did not belong on a link, they are only to be used on pages since they are checkable.
Breaking changeProperties removed
2016-09-20New UI for documentationUpdated the UI for the documentation to a faster version/documentationUpdate
2016-09-20ContentCrawl endpoint added/sites/{site_id}/content/crawl
New endpointOrder crawl of site (POST) - Get status for crawl on site (GET)
2016-09-09All APIExtra site properties/sites
The following new properties have been added
visits (optional)
policies (optional)
product (non-optional)
AdditionNote that the existing "pages" property sometime in the future will also be made optional.
For now it will simply be 0, if the site product list does not contain one of "quality_assurance", "accessibility", "seo"
2016-09-09All APIRatelimit increased to 5 calls/second - Burst of 50Rate limit changeIncreased allowed API calls/second
2016-07-26All APIFilter options addedA number of (optional) filter options have been added to a great number of endpoints (+100) - Too many to list.AdditionCovers most of the UI available filter options (drop downs etc)
Filter for a specific page id (page_id)
Filter for a range of (usually) pageid's (ids)

Filter on text in url or title (search_in, query - Always used in tandem)

Filter on text (relevant for the context) (query)
Filter to see either all search terms or only those that did or did not find a result. (search_results)
2016-06-16AnalyticsDTO property added /analytics/overview/historyAdditionAdded "new_visitors" property.
2016-06-09ContentAdded optional "url" parameter/content/pagesAdditionAdded optional "url" parameter, to filter the pages returned.